Christian Marriage Help

Christian Marriages are under attack. Find counselors, therapist, and certified faith base retreats here. Read More>>>

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How To Save Your Christian Marriage

They say marriages are made in heaven. But when we look around us, divorce and separation are looming over almost every household casting their dark shadows over the love, peace and joy couples once shared and promised to keep alive till ‘death do us apart’. Couples let pride, anger, lust and so many other vices spring up like weeds in their marriage, choking the love out of their spousal relationship and commitment. Read More>>>

Christian Advice On Overcoming Infidelity

In a marriage the best survival guide you can find is the Bible itself. So what does the bible say of a Christian marriage surviving an affair? Every individual whatever religion he may belong to or whatever background he comes from, of whichever family he is a part of, is a very vulnerable human being. Read More>>>

Faith Based Marriage Counseling

In the Christian faith, the Bible teaches us that marriage is not a mere contract signed between two people, but a covenant that two people enter into with God, making it sacred. A Bible-based counseling is different from other types of counseling because it does not base itself on the study and theories of human behavior and psychology alone. It is based on the principles and values taught in the Bible. Read More>>>

Best Bible Scriptures On Marriage

Marriages today are being plundered by materialism and worldly laws. Ambition, Pride, Lust, Ego and Self centeredness are creeping into marriages and destroying their delicate fabric of unity, love and sacrifice. Although marriages have a divine nature in that they are chosen and created by God, the fact still lies in them being lived here on earth between human beings who are prone to err. Read More>>>

christian marriage counseling have saved my marriage from divorce...Thank you.